Friday, April 5, 2013

7th Earl of Northumberland -- Mid 1700s

Whippet Car Sign

Ladies and Gent at the Starting Line

Racing Start

Westchester KC First Show in White Plains, NY

Whippet Car Ad -- 1920s

Ashton Welcome

Ashton Welcome

CH Shirley Sunstar -- 1912 (b. 1909)

CH Shirley Sunstar


Goosebut Rix

Master L. M. B. Bush and Goosebut Rix

CH Manorley Mode & Lottie Hampton

CH Manorley Mode

Lottie Hampton

Shirley Wanderer and Shirley Lorna

Shirley Wanderer

Shirley Lorna

Turphill Gem

Whippets for Sale -- 1904

Show and Racing Whippets for Sale -- 1905

Oh dear! Selling to "make room for pointers"

A Trio of Whippets

Ad for whippets owned by Messrs J. and E. Bottomley, Buttershaw. 
"The Gaiety Girl", "The Nautch Girl", and "The New Girl"

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Postcard -- Budapest 1903

Die herzlichsten Grüße von Lord
(The warmest greetings from Lord)
Budapest 1903