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Jack Dempsey (whippet born 9/23/1885

The following is from Whippet-L on the namesake of the above whippet.

Aaron wrote:
>Daughter Jade is trying to find out what the name of the first AKC registered whippet was. Internet searches says that the first one was registered in 1888, but I have not found the name. Aaron had tro do a bit of reading and serching ... near as i can figure was a dog named Jack Dempsey no 9804 Born 9/23/1885... owned byCharles O. Breed, Lynn Mass and bred by P. H. Hoffman, Philadelphia Pennsylvannia. he was not named after the famous fighter Jack Dempsy as the fighter as he was popular from 1919 to 1926>>

I wrote:
The one that is most famous and well known is not the same Jack Dempsey that I found the information for. He also fought mostly in NY but also Philadelphia where the breeder was from (also NJ) so his name was probably well known. He won 58 fights, 8 by knockout, and lost only 3, 2 by knockout. He also fought 8 draws and 4 no-decisions.

"BORN: John Edward Kelly, Dec 15 1862; Curran, County Kildare, Ireland DIED: Nov 1 1895; Portland, Oregon Jack Dempsey is considered by many as one of the greatest boxers pound-for-pound who ever fought in the ring. He moved well and was extremely quick, agile, and skillful. He was a two-handed fighter who could box or punch. His jab was quick and accurate. His right hand punch was stiff. He was game and cool under pressure. He could fight whatever style was needed to win. He often fought men 10-25 pounds heavier. In short, he was a crafty boxer-puncher who was an excellent ring general."

"Dempsey had his first fight in 1883 and was unbeaten until 1889 when he lost for the first time on an 'illegal' punch, a backhand (or elbow) delivered by George LaBlanche while fighting at close quarters. In all, Dempsey fought for thirteen years and lost only three times."

So considering that this Jack Dempsey was fighting and famous in 1885, I think he's our man.

"Dempsey was not the typical pugilist type. He was handsome, well-spoken and mannerly. Also, he was personable and made friends easily. On most occasions, after trouncing an opponent in the ring, he was calm and rather indifferent towards the praise being heaped upon him. With his ring savvy and exceptional skills, Dempsey usually made a fight go his way. But, when the going got tough, he was quite game."

Gee! Doesn't that sound just like a whippet?

Another Comment:

... check your dates again. Whippet Dempsey was born 10 yrs. before the boxer Dempsey died. Jack Dempsey, born John Edward Kelly, was an extremely popular fighter in America during the 1880s. Only the great John L. Sullivan, heavyweight champion, was more famous.

BORN: John Edward Kelly; Dec 15 1862; Curran, County Kildare, Ireland
DIED: Nov 1 1895; Portland, Oregon

-- Elisa PaganRicochet Whippets

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