Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Growing Notice of Whippets: Forest and Stream v. 36, 1891

Whippets have definitely made their inroads by 1891. In the article on The Chicago Dog Show, there was a reference to areas set up for the dog circus and whippet racing.

Referencing whippet type is seen in the article on The Binghamton Dog Show (Binghamton NY) in reference to body type in Fox-Terriers.

And at the Toronto Dog Show:

At the Toronto bench show, Sept 14 to 18, there will be several greyhound and whippet races which will add materially to the "fun of the fair." The stakes announced are: Grand greyhound sweepstakes, $5 entrance, divided into 50 per cent to first, and 40 per cent to second. To this the Association will add a silver medal valued at $20, to be known as the champion and running, medal open to all. Greyhound race, 300 yds, $15 to first, $7 to second and $3 to third. Whippet race, 200 yds, $15 to first, $7 to second and $3 to third. There will be no extra entrance charged in these races, but all the competing dogs must be entered in the regular classes in the dog show. This a very good move, and will no doubt afford an acceptable change from the usual monotony of the dog show.

More on racing:

The newly formed Whippet Racing Club, whose existence has been brought about through the exertions of the editor of Canine World, will hold its first meeting next month. A 200yds handicap will be run with $500 added money. This ought to draw the best dogs in the world and such prizes at meetings properly conducted will soon place whippet racing among general sports to be indulged in by high and low, as they may desire.

We learn from the Detroit Tribune, that Messrs Campbell & Blake's whippet Benbow, made a record for himself on the Detroit Athletic Grounds last Saturday. He ran the 200yds on a cinder path in 12 seconds under careful timing. This is the dog that ran so well at London last fall. Mr Blake also writes us that in the race last Saturday, the wind was against the dog.

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